Springfield officer charged with soliciting prostitution

WINDSOR LOCK, Conn. (WWLP) – Windor Locks, Connecticut, Police have arrested 11 men, including a Springfield police detective on a charge of soliciting prostitution.

42-Year-old John Wadlegger, a Springfield police officer since 1995, has been placed on desk duty by Springfield police commissioner William Fitchet. Police spokesman Sgt John Delaney told 22News, the commissioner has begun the process of an internal politc investigation.

Windsor Locks Detective Sgt. Paul Cherniak said in a news release that police placed an ad in a popular internet site used by people who want to purchase sex for money. Cherniak said there have been numerous reports of prostitution in motels along Route 75.

The sting called “Operation Cupid” was launched Valentine’s Day.

Of the 11 arrested, two others beside Wadlegger live in western Massachusetts, Jesse coughlin of Chester and Ravindra Wikramaya of Chicopee.

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