Valentine’s Day Romance and Love Tips!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Love Doctor Patty Gates shared some tips for couples celebrating their love on Valentine’s Day!

For Singles

Do something loving for yourself
● Massage
● Pedicure
● Bubble bath
● Make a list of things you love or appreciate about yourself

Buy yourself something you love
● Candy
● Flowers
● Something you’ve been wanting

Browse singles sites online
Do something enjoyable with a friend(s)

New Relationships
● Keep it light & fun
● Discuss what you’d like to do together

Established Relationships
● Flower(s)
● Chocolate
● Special card
● Dinner & movie
● Personal love note with what you love & appreciate about your partner
● Love Coupons
● Give each other massage
● Gift Certificate for Couples Massage Lesson
● Fill a box or jar with candy & notes of love &  appreciation

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