Door stops burglars jewelry heist

NEW YORK (CNN) – A suspected jewelry thief meets his match while trying to escape a heist.  The entire event captured on surveillance video.

“A person tried to break in through a rental units attached to the building and crawl through the crawl space,” said Tim Branscomb of Sierra West Jewelers.

Tim Branscomb, with Sierra West Jewelers says the thief immediately went to work, first breaking into a watch case.

He quickly moved on to a glass case with gold fill and sterling silver pieces.

Then his attempted burglary ran into an unexpected problems.

“He hit this case and tried to get into it, but the shatter proof glass would not let in,” said Branscomb.  And it was about to get worse.

An alarm had been tripped when the thief first broke in.

“We have two alarm systems and other things to protect the building,” Branscomb said.

The thief then tried to get out of the building he had just broken into.

He tried desperately and aggressively to get out the front door, but the bullet proof glass and door wouldn’t give.  And police began arriving and surrounding the building to prevent any escape, but they couldn’t get in and the thief couldn’t get out.

So, with police outside and the thief inside, he laid on the floor, started smoking a cigarette and waited.

When the manager of the store arrived and let police in surveillance video captured the actual arrest of the suspect.

And our exclusive video inside the store shows the damage that was left behind.

“All he did was make a mess and get arrested,” said Branscomb.

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