Franklin County residents managed after getting snowed in

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Franklin County got hit pretty hard. The snow started around 3:00 a.m. Thursday and didn’t stop until 6:00 a.m. Friday morning.

22News found out how people managed on the roads after getting snowed in.

Greenfield got more than 6 inches of snow during the first day of the winter storm. Half of the businesses in downtown Greenfield were closed because of the weather.

Large snow piles on top of cars and in driveways, slowed down those digging out for their morning commute, but some residents told 22News they got a head start waking up a few hours early just to clean their car and sidewalks.

“Basically, it was shoveling, doing it in installments because there was just so much snow. It was quite a surprise to see how much fell over night,” said Ken Kaiser of Greenfield.

In some parts of New England, the road conditions still aren’t great, but some travelers said the road conditions in Massachusetts were much better.

Dave Watson of Enfield told 22News, “Actually, when we were in Connecticut it was a little more snow, drives a little bit slower, a little more slowly, but once we crossed into Mass. it seemed like the roads must have had more salt on them because it was a nice easy drive not much slush on it.”

Jared Krechko of Manchester said, “In Connecticut, it was pretty snowy. A lot of the roads are still not great. As soon as we hit the Ma border the highways were for the most part just wet and look like they’re keeping up with the snow. So it’s been pretty smooth once we got to the Mass border.”

Greenfield got a total of 11 inches of snow with this storm.