Buried Alive

(KULR) A Montana teenager is alive today, thanks to the quick thinking and quick work of his brother

Matt Walsh was snowboarding with brother mike when matt tripped a monster avalanche.

“The whole mountain just started popping, and it took me down to the bottom of the hill and i was still on top, and i thought that maybe, maybe i was going to sit on top of the whole thing. But then, the snow from behind hit me and everything went dark,” said Walsh.

The brothers say the slide was 200 yards wide, and one hundred yards from top to bottom and the snow was five feet deep.
Within seconds brother mike jumped into action.

“And when i got back, I unstrapped my board and looked down and there was still a cloud of snow and i couldn’t see anything, so i started yelling for him and yelling for him,” said Mike.

But his brother found him and dug him out, even as another avalanche threatened.

“There was chunks about the size of my truck still going down along side of me. Certain i was going to die. There’s not much you can do in that situation. It’s like being encased in cement. So i just cried out to god and asked him what to do, and he said, ‘go find your brother. And the lord spoke to me and he told me i wasn’t going to die there and he still had a plan for me,” Mike said.

Matt was able to put one hand up, and dig a small hole with his fingers.

Mike dug furiously to get matt out from under three feet of snow above his head.

They climbed back up the icy hill at nightfall and made their way home safely.

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