Police find theft suspect passed out in ceiling

ANDOVER, Mass. (CNN) – Police in North Andover say they caught a would-be thief right where the crime happened, which wasn’t too hard to do, since the suspect was asleep.

The man was out cold in the drop ceiling of the convenience store he was allegedly trying to rob!

The clues were not hard to find. First, officers found one-way footprints in the snow, leading from that house where the suspect lived, to the store, where someone had busted the door.

Justin Roeger still looked a little sleepy hours after police found him out-of-it in the Richdale Farms store.

John Roeger, father of Justin, said, “His actions…I don’t know startle me.”

While Roeger’s father seems baffled, his brother says there are issues with alcohol.

“Inside, officers found a backpack that was full of lottery tickets that had been taken from the case inside the store,” said Adam Dion, Justin’s brother, referring to a past court hearing.

He could have bolted, but after all that effort, Justin Roeger just ran out of gas.

“Sometimes the booze does the talking and the walking, you know,” said Dion.

Worried that the suspect might be electrocuted in the wires in the ceiling, police ordered the power turned off.

Copyright: CNN

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