Learn How to Compost At Home!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Composting is not only easy but it can save you a whole lot of cash! Marin Goldstein from the Center for EcoTechnology showed us how to compost and what you need to build your own bin!

Composting 101

At basic level, you need 4 elements for compost: heat, air, water and compostable ingredients
Most common variable that we control – food ingredients, e.g. your browns and greens.  Best mix is 3 browns to 1 green.  Secret ingredient: coffee grounds!!! Very healthy happy worms and micro organisms

Why we should compost?
Keeps food scraps out of landfill, which in turn reduces methane release and saves you money

How does it save you money?
Many towns in area have pay as throw, reduce weight = reduce costs

Do Compost
Dry leaves, grass, twigs, paper/egg cartons etc
Fresh cut grass and your food scraps, fruit, peelings, left overs etc

Don’t Compost
Meat, dairy, fat/grease/oil and animal feces, but also diseased plants or seeds (tomato seeds!!!)

Setting Up Your Composter
Convenience – if you have to go out of your way, you’re not going to
Neighbors – not bad smell, but not everyone likes it near by
Sun exposure – keep the heat
Water – facets or carrying water to keep it moist (but drainage is also important – not too wet)

Different Types of Compost Bins
Earth Machine Bin
Pallet Bin
Chicken Wire Bin
Barrel Bin

For more information visit CETOnline.org.

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