Wintry mess hits Oregon

(KGW) It was one of the worst snow storms in years, crippling much of Oregon in its wake. The snow is done falling, but the headaches caused by the historic winter blast are far from over.

Thanks to some rain and cold temperatures, snowy roads have turned into icy roads causing travel troubles and accidents for those brave enough to venture out.

“I was going to Vancouver and so I hit a patch of ice and started to fish tail and before i knew it I lost control of the car and as soon as I started to spin-out ran into this semi here,” said one driver.

The rain is also causing problems for some businesses. With storm drains covered in snow, rain water and melted snow puddles causing localize flooding in some areas.

That problem is only expected to get worse for those in and around Portland. Temperatures there are expected to climb into the upper 40’s with a chance of more rain.

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