Natural gas pipeline expansion in Franklin County

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)-  Franklin County may get a new gas pipeline. 22news discovered details of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company’s planned expansion project.

Tennessee Gas pipeline wants to improve its system. The Northeast Expansion Project would involve upgrading the existing gas pipeline in parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and New York.

They haven’t yet filed a formal application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, but tennessee gas pipeline company is making plans. They’ve contacted several Western Massachusetts property owners asking permission to survey their property.  The company expects to create at least 3 thousand jobs during peak construction period but some residents aren’t impressed.

New Greenfield resident Russell Se told 22News that instead of investing in fossil fuels, the county should invest money elsewhere. “Put that money into renewable energy in the long run we’d be much better off. You can create solar energy immediately, its not a future energy it’s here now.

Tennessee gas pipeline does not own the natural gas it transports. It moves natural gas for customers and shippers who contractually agree to move their products via the pipeline.

The company is a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan Energy Company. Kinder Morgan detailed the proposal for 22news.

The plan includes construction of 250 miles of new pipeline. Contracts and permits are needed before the project can move ahead. There has been no decision yet on a final preferred route just yet. And the pipeline will solely ship natural gas for power generators, gas distritubtion companies and electric and gas utilities.

Tennessee gas pipeline anticipates it will be able to locate a significant portion of the pipeline within existing utility corridors to minimize construction disturbance.

If the project is approved, construction would begin in the spring 2017 in hopes of being completed by November 2018.

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