Magazine circulation down

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Average magazine circulation fell in the latter of 2013, leaving many to wonder if magazines will soon be a thing of the past. Magazine industry auditors said that the average circulation of 386 magazines fell to 284.9 million last year.

According to The Alliance for Audited Media, news stands were one of the hardest hit, with sales falling about 11 percent. Some stores, like Buckeye Brothers Bookshop in Springfield, have stopped selling magazines completely.

Bookshop owner, David Glantz said, “with the internet, and the TV, and all the news they got on TV, all the talk shows and everything people weren’t buying them like they used to.”

Although hard copy sales of magazines are dropping dramatically, digital sales are rising.

Steffany Costa of Westfield said, “The magazines get spilled on, they get broken, you know, they get lost or ripped out so I like the Kindle because it’s always on my copy and I can always go back to it.”

Digital editions of magazines rose about 37 percent in the last half of last year to almost 11 million who prefer reading their favorite magazines on their cell phone or tablet.

“I actually want to transfer my subscription of Cosmo over to digital. I don’t ever carry it with me so I always have my iPad with me,” said Brianna Harris of Ludlow.

For many, digital copies of magazines are just more cost-effective and easier.

Emily Barber of Chicopee said, “every month, when the new subscription comes out it automatically updates on my app and then I just have to click it and start reading it from there. I don’t have to go to the store or find the newest edition. It just automatically does it as soon as it’s released.”

According to magazine industry auditors, the most popular magazines in circulation were AARP Magazine and AARP Bulletin which, together published more than 22 million copies last year.