Heavy snow and ice dams can damage roof

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – We have another significant snowstorm heading our way, posing possible problems for your roof.

Before the next snow storm, this would be a good time to check for any snow or ice jamming the gutter and weighing down your roof.

Carol Royal of East Longmeadow said, “I’ve been looking at mine and seeing some snow building. I’ve got some areas where it’s built up pretty heavy, so I may try to take a shovel to it or a broom to it.”

Another 6 to 12 inches of fresh snow on top of the snow piled up already could cause your roof to collapse. Melting snow can cause water to collect and re-freeze along rooflines, creating ice dams.

Rocky’s East Longmeadow manager Scott Robbins said, “I’ve heard horror stories before. It just turns into a mess in the long haul, just seeps into your house.”

An ice dam prevents water from draining off your roof. It can damage shingles, soak insulation and damage interior walls and ceilings.

It helps to use a snow-rake to remove snow from the roof after every storm. There are also de-icing cables and ice melts.

De-icing cables should be installed directly on the roof. So if you already have snow and ice built up on your roof, you can get a calcium chloride tablet to melt the ice.

Robbins told 22News, “You just place them up on the ice that’s building up on the gutters behind it, and it breaks it down. It’s the fastest ice melt. It’s also the best ice melt that you can buy for treating your driveway and walkways too.”

Don’t take unnecessary risks. If you can’t reach the roof safely, there are contractors you can hire to help.

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