Protect your pics

(NBC News) With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and the temptation to use the smartphone to share intimate photos or messages with the love of your life, there’s something internet experts want you to remember.

“When you send a photo, chances are it’s gonna live forever. Digital is repeatable, digital is copied and pasted and digital, again, is forever,” warns Robert Siciliano, McAfee online security expert.

A survey by McAfee found that 96-percent of us are, indeed, using our smartphones for photos, and that over half send or receive intimate photos or messages on them.

“It might be a good idea to archive them, maybe encrypt them on, say, a desktop or a laptop. Or best case scenario, just delete them,” said Siciliano.

Ask the recipient to do the same or, better yet, just don’t do it.

And, according to Siciliano, don’t trust programs that promise to delete them for you.

Losing devices is another way photos and messages are lost because 27-percent of us still don’t secure devices with pins or passwords.

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