Spending the day on the ice at the Oxbow

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Many outdoorsmen spent the day on ice, but it was more of a family affair.

22News noticed lots of fishermen on the ice at the Oxbow Marina in Northampton, and many of those men were also dads, who brought their kids to share in the experience.

Their boats are still covered, and the docks are put away, but an auger to make a hole and a few jigs and tip-ups were all they needed to have a successful day fishing. And when they weren’t fishing, they were riding their dirt bikes and ATV’s on the ice, and just having fun.

These dads told 22News why it’s important to spend some quality time with the little ones.

“I want them to grow up outdoors. I don’t want them inside playing video games and watching TV, they need to learn the morals of life,” said Joseph Felsentreger of Holyoke.

Gennady Belyshev of West Springfield said, “I think bonding time with kids is always when you’re doing activities, not when you’re around the couch or TV. I know you’re watching us on TV, no offense, but you’ve got to bond with the family by doing activities.”

Being on the ice does carry some risks. Ice should be at least 5 inches thick for winter sport activities. If you’re not sure, check with your local police department.