Pot Luck dinner meeting for Forest Park Civic Association

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Forest Park Civic Association of Springfield held a meeting and pot luck dinner.

The meeting was held at the Forest Park Middle School on Oakland Street.

Middle School Principal Medina Ali was the guest speaker, she talked about the recent renovations made to the school.

Members of the school’s student council attended the meeting to get a first hand look at what it means to collaborate and share ideas.

Medina Ali, Principal of Forest Park Middle School, told 22News, “Bridging the relationship with a student and their community so they have a vested understanding that how they behave and treat the community is a part of being a good citizen.”

“The students are very lucky to have such a wonderful building. There’s a lot of history here. Forest Park as a neighborhood has a lot of history, a lot of historic homes and the school is an example of that it’s over 100 years old and it continues to serve the neighborhood well,” said Laura Walsh, President of Forest Park Civic Association.

The Forest Park Civic Association is a volunteer organization made up of neighborhood residents. Their goal is to make the Forest Park area a better place to live.

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