22News inFocus: Medical Marijuana

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) Western Massachusetts will soon be home to two medical marijuana dispensaries, but there are still many questions about them people want answered.

That’s where 22News inFocus comes in.

This weekend we’ll talk to a lawyer who’s firm represents applicants for dispensaries, a local chief of police and the mayors in two communities where the dispensaries have been selected to go.

We’ll also speak with the newly licensed operators of the Hampden County dispensary about the application process, security and the product they’ll be selling.

“The THC, which is the part people think of with marijuana and get too high, will be removed because it’s a certain strain that will go to a certain part of your body to help with the pain or the issue that you need again, whether it be cancer, glaucoma or others because that won’t be in there,” said Brian Lees, Debilitating Medical Condition Treatment Centers.

22News inFocus airs Sunday at noon.

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