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WESTFIELD, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Armbrook Village’s Compass Memory Support Neighborhood works with people with mild cognitive impairment (mild memory loss) and Alzheimer’s disease with the goal of improving their quality of life, improving their functioning, emotion and mood.

Beth Cardillo, Executive Director of Armbrook Village, and Dr. Robert Stern, from Boston University School of Medicine’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center, shared more about everything Armbrook Village has to offer.

Armbrook Village
Independent Living, Assisted Living & Compass Memory Support

551 North Road

For more information call (413) 568-0000 or visit ArmbrookVillage.com.


  • Spacious Independent Living apartments with concierge services
  • Service-Enriched Assisted Living
  • A state-of-the-art Compass Memory Support Neighborhood, affiliated with the Boston University School of Medicine Alzheimer’s Disease Center, featuring research-based treatment for those with memory loss


SOCIALIZATION – Strong social interactions are a benefit (in fact, some studies suggest the maintaining strong social connections may help prevent AD)
MUSIC – Music elevates mood and provides entertainment!
RECONNECTIONS PROGRAM – Armbrook Village’s Reconnections program taps into deep-seated memories & offers intellectual stimulation
DIET – Eating a brain healthy “Mediterranean” diet like the one offered at Armbrook Village promotes cognitive health
EXERCISE – regular exercise was found to delay the onset and reduce the risk of developing AD and the more frail a person was the more she or he benefited from exercise. for those who already have AD, exercise.

About Armbrook Village:

With our 20 years of experience operating senior communities we know what the senior customer wants. Residents of Armbrook Village enjoy an independent lifestyle with gracious accommodations, amenities, programs and services that support their well-being, essential to maintaining good health and an enriching life. It’s nice to know that as your needs change over time, our community will be able to provide just the right mix of independence and support.

They offer a specialized diet that incorporates brain-healthy foods and spices into everyday meals to improve overall brain health. Community residents benefit from menu offerings rich in “brain healthy foods” such as nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains, specific spices and omega-three fatty acids.

To learn more about research regarding Dementia and Alzheimer’s visit www.bu.edu/alzresearch.

Promotional consideration provided by Armbrook Village.


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