What’s in a Chicken McNugget?

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NEW YORK (CNN) – Ever wonder what exactly is in a chicken McNugget?  Mcdonald’s of Canada is inviting folks on a video tour that shows the making of a McNugget, trying to debunk the rumor of “pink goo.”

How do we get from this to this: Irresistible little asteroids of battered chicken, mysterious in their origin.

This pink goop a photograph that has snaked around the internet with the caption, “can you guess what McDonalds food item this is.”

It’s said to be the entire chicken eyes, guts, bones ground up into something called mechanically separated poultry.

For years McDonalds has been trying to kill this photo and now, McDonalds of Canada has taken the goo by the horns, directly addressing the question in a super bowl commercial seen only in Canada.

Mcdonalds wants you to see what’s in their McNuggets, so they’ve released a video tour.

Starting with whole chickens, the breast meat is set aside to make McNuggets.  That’s pretty much it: Ground up breast meat.

Two independent food science experts told CNN that McDonalds seems to be giving the straight scoop, though of course, there’s nothing healthy about all the fat and salt in McNuggets.

Watch the video below for the full report:

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