Has Twitter reached its peak?

NEW YORK (CNN) – Twitter has been flying high since its big IPO in November, but now, the little blue bird is slowing down.

Not as many people are checking in on the social network prompting the question; has it reached its peak?

Twitter is finally pulling back the curtain.  It’s showing what it’s made of specifically, how it makes money.  But Wall Street doesn’t like what it sees, growth is slowing.

Twitter has 243 million monthly global users an amount that’s equal to roughly three-quarters of the nation’s population, but there’s been so much hype around this company.

It was one of the biggest IPO’s last year here at the NYSE.

Since then, investors have been driving up the stock on the hope that twitter is going to grow by leaps and bounds, but some people say it’s just that hype.

The number of twitter users grew by less than 4 percent last quarter.  There had been seeing growth of 7 to 10 percent from the company.  Analysts say twitter isn’t mainstream.

It’s hot for celebrities, politicians, young adults, but only select groups of people.  One problem is the design makes it hard for some people to use.  So twitter says it will make it easier.

The company doesn’t need to worry just yet its still raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising sales.

That will help twitter grow, invest, and expand.  But for today, many on wall street are wondering whether such a young company, and an unprofitable one at that, should really have a market value as much as Kraft or Target.

Watch the video below for the full report.

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