Vehicles will be towed during parking bans

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Snow season can be a busy and profitable time for tow truck operators and some of those profits could come out of “your” pocket.

Maybe you forgot about the parking ban or didn’t see the “no parking sign,” only to find that your car was then towed.

22News called the Northampton Police and one of the city’s contracted towing companies.

The total cost of getting your vehicle back is roughly $155. A $90 tow, a $25 fee for the city, $35 a day storage fee, $5.85 fuel charge, and at least a $15 ticket on top of that.

Florence towing told 22News they only had to tow a couple cars this week. They explained the simple process of getting your vehicle back.

Robert Gougeon, Treasurer of Florence Towing, told 22News, “License in their hand, that’s the most important part, and cash or credit card, and they just have to basically prove that it’s their ownership and pay for it.”

The standard tow rates are set by the state but the total cost may vary depending on which company tows your vehicle, and how long it stays in their lot.

A Northampton Police Officer told 22News the city works with at least three towing companies to help clear the streets for DPW plowing.

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