DPW trying to avoid towing cars

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) The Holyoke public works department is going out of its way to help people avoid having their cars towed.

Under the Holyoke reverse parking ban,  drivers have to move their parked cars to make it easier for the DPW trucks to clear snow from city streets. The DPW appreciates help from the drivers.

“It’s called cooperation, If we could get more cooperation, we could get the streets better than they are,” said Mike Shewchuk, a DPW worker.

As the plows proceeded down Ely Street near downtown Holyoke Thursday, some illegally parked cars prevented them from plowing right next to the curb.

The city goes out of its way to give apartment building residents as much warning as possible.

“Some people get it and they move right away, trying to help us, some people, maybe they’re out of town, maybe they don’t care and they’re the one’s that complain when they get the tow bill,” said Jim Kras, Holyoke DPW Supervisor.

Neighbors got involved to help one driver get her snow-in car out out of its parking space, and allowed the DPW to clear the street.

Had the car been ticketed and towed the driver would have to pay as much as one hundred and fifty five dollars.

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