AAA calls up after snow storm

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The day after the biggest snow storm of the season, has also proved to be the day with the most accidents.

AAA of West Springfield said they usually don’t get too many calls during a snow storm, but the day after is a very different story.

We see more accidents when ice, snow and slush coat the roads, but AAA told 22News it wasn’t car accidents that tied up their phone lines.

“Our most popular call today has been wedging, which is when people’s cars get stuck in the snow,” Sandra Marsian of AAA Public Relations told 22News.

Sandra Marsian said AAA received three times more calls Thursday, the day after the storm from people getting stuck in the snow.

If you do get stuck, there’s more you can do after you call AAA.

“The mini snow shovels, the road side emergency kits, again the kits have flares and reflectors,” Marsian continued.  AAA says drivers could use those tools to dig themselves out, but to take caution, “You don’t want to be struck by an oncoming car.”

They say you should also make sure you brush all the snow off your car.

Sonya Yelder of Springfield said, “I hate when snow flies off the car and it hits somebody else or it hits me, because it can blind you for a couple seconds and that’s scary.

Marsian says before the next snow storm hits you should stock up on all the essentials.

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