$6 million violin stolen, 3 arrested

Police are still searching for the violin

MILWAUKEE, WI (WITI) – The Milwaukee Police Department will be seeking charges against 3 individuals.

Wednesday afternoon, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn announces a break in the case of a stolen Lipinski Stradivarius violin worth an estimated $6 million.

“They were arrested on February 3rd and all 3 remain in our custody,” said Chief Flynn.

Flynn says the two men and one woman worked together to steal the violin. The Chief said there is no indication they were working for anyone else.

However, they’re still missing the violin. Chief Flynn said, “We do not have the violin. As is known there is a substantial reward out for that violin, and we urge the community to do what it can to develop information and help us identify and locate and recover this priceless instrument.”

A $100,000 reward was offered last week. The Chief says tips from the public helped lead to the arrests as did physical evidence linking one suspect to the crime.

Flynn thinks the instrument is still in the area and hopes the reward helps recover the violin. “We don’t want to speculate where it is. I think there’s a good chance that it is.”