Winter storm creates slippery road conditions in WMass

Don't think you're safe even if you see pavement

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – It started snowing early Wednesday morning, and the light but steady snow continued to fall in Holyoke late Wednesday evening.

22News visited Northampton Street, Route 5. This is the detour many people use during a snowstorm because Mountain Road, Route 141, is closed.

Mountain Road is the direct link between Holyoke and Easthampton. Drivers are dealt with slippery, slush covered roads.

22News saw several plow trucks working non-stop to clear the roads, but State Police are warning, don’t think you’re safe even if you see pavement. The roads are slippery because of the slush.

Some drivers are glad at least with this storm, the snowfall total is just around a foot.

“I suppose that small storms of 8 to 12 inches are better because it doesn’t cripple you for too long,” said Art Jasper of Johnstone Supply. “They are doing a pretty good job all things considered. Going up hill is a problem and some of the side streets but they are on it.”

This is heavy, wet snow, so it’s challenging for even plow truck drivers to clean this up quickly.

“It’s tough. The snow’s heavy. Not a lot of places to put it. So the more they are driving the side streets are getting a little slippery, but I know Chicopee is out sanding right now. So they are taking care of all that,” said Eric Ottoson of East Longmeadow.

State Police are reporting several spin outs on Interstates 91 and 391. Road conditions vary from manageable in some areas, to very difficult in others.

Earlier Wednesday the Massachusetts Turn Pike was reduced to 40 mph and late Wednesday evening, on Interstate 91 and 391, there were great improvements from when the heavier snow was coming down.

22News found certainly more variation in road conditions with some roads slippery with snow cover and others are slushy, sandy and salty mixture.

Best advice is to take it slow and by the time you go out later Wednesday evening or Thursday morning you’ll likely see a big improvement in conditions.