Understanding Changing Markets

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – If you’re nearing retirement, you’ll need to have a plan in place to live 30 years without a paycheck? Dylan Bond, the owner of Dylan Bond Financial Services came on Mass Appeal with tips for an easier retirement.

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Tip #10 The Paradigm Has Shifted to Income Products and Strategies:

The way we design a retirement income portfolio has changed, with a shift from accumulation mindset to distribution mode. The closer you get to retirement it is prudent to start limiting your downside exposure in exchange for upside potential as you transition to the income distribution phase. Consider allocating your assets among different types of products.


The following considerations should be taken into account:

Your age

A ballpark estimate of your life expectancy, based on your health and family history

Actuarial life expectancy rate based on the overall population

The amount you expect to spend in retirement for basic needs

Desired value of inheritance you wish to leave behind

The risk and return characteristics of risky and risk-free assets


Have you answered these questions?

Which assets will you hold in tax-deferred accounts versus taxable accounts?

From which accounts should income be withdrawn from first?

When will you start taking Social Security?

Should you roll over a 401(k) to an IRA?

Who should be your designated beneficiary(ies) for IRA or qualified plans?

Would a Roth IRA conversion be appropriate?

What tax decisions should you address when leaving an employer?


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