Springfield impacted by city and state office closings

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It was a snow day for state and city workers. The Governor closed State offices to help reduce the number of cars on the roads, but many people still made their way downtown Springfield.

“Earlier in the day they told us not to go out if we didn’t have to,” said Gordon Dodge of West Springfield.

It’s not often plow trucks and snow blowers can maneuver this easily in downtown Springfield. Streets were empty outside City Hall. All non-essential personnel were ordered to stay home. Mayor Domenic Sarno suggested businesses close too.

“I was stuck like twice when I was on my way, so you know, the life is more important than the job, so that’s good to see they’re fine so we are happy, they are happy,” said Khuram Abbasi, owner of Omar and Sons Furniture.

Abbasi was happy to open Omar and Sons Furniture on Liberty Street, though one of his employees had to walk blocks to get there. Governor Deval Patrick ordered state workers to stay home, impacting services in Springfield.

“I tried to go to welfare. I didn’t know it was closed. I would’ve thought it would be open and I needed to go for something important,” said Elizabeth Martinez of Springfield.

State and city offices may have been closed, but the post office was open and many people trying the doors were pleasantly surprised.

“I didn’t know. I came by and if they were closed I’d have to wait until another day but this is a birthday card for someone,” said Gordon Dodge, who was already out in the snow for a doctor’s appointment.

A snow day for some was just another day of errands for others.