Snowstorm impacts morning commute in Hampshire County

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The snow started falling around 3 o’clock Wednesday morning in Northampton and it started to add up pretty quickly.

The roads were snow covered by the time the morning commute got under way.All the snow did make getting around pretty difficult.

Getting traction in the snow was a problem for a lot of drivers. Some tractor trailers also had trouble on the snow covered roads and were left spinning their tires but most were eventually able to make it through the snow.

Most drivers agreed the morning commute in Hampshire County was not very good.

“Really slippery, very slow there’s always those people going too fast kinda make it scary,” said Bruton Strange of Conway.

“I want to say that they’re pretty hazardous. I think Northampton has done a pretty good job keeping the streets clean but you have to make sure you’re going slow and use caution,”  said Jeff Almeida of Easthampton.

“Well it’s really quite slippery on the back roads right now. It’s really a matter of keeping a distance and slow,” said Arne Johannessen of Keene, NH.

Most drivers did take it slow on the roads had some trouble staying in control.

Some people left the driving up to some one else while others chose to go on foot.

The Northampton DPW had crews out plowing and they even brought out the heavy equipment to try and keep the roads clear.

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