I-Team: Caught on camera, drivers ignoring traffic signs

Chicopee, Mass. (WWLP) – Caught on camera, dozens of potential traffic violations.  The 22News I-Team discovered two locations where some drivers don’t always obey the signs.

How’s your driving?  The 22News I-Team set up a camera in Chicopee and West Springfield to see how many drivers committed potential violations.  One intersection around Riverdale Street and Daggett Drive had more than 100 crashes between 2007-2009, according to the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.

West Springfield police often put an officer there to control traffic.  The traffic sign clearly says “No Left Turn”, yet in an hour one morning we saw at least 10 cars turn left.

“There’s so much traffic anyway that people can avoid it they’ll take a chance”, says Springfield’s Genevieve Hopper.

From “No Left Turn” to “Left Turn Only” one traffic sign in Chicopee (Between Memorial Drive and Montgomery Street) is often ignored.  Drivers told the 22News I-Team, it’s been used as a cut through for years.

“Guilty”, says Chicopee’s Peter Bates
(Why do you think they do that?)
“It’s easy, a short cut.”

Cars are only supposed to use that road to get on the Mass Pike at Exit 5 in Chicopee.  The sign clearly says “Left Turn Only”, but In close to an hour we saw more than 40 cars make a right turn.  There were also some close calls.

While we were looking for drivers turning right, we also noticed drivers not stopping completely or stopping at all.

“They come to like a rolling stop”, says Westfield’s Gloria Stone.

After drivers went through the toll booths, many of them basically treated this stop sign like a yield.

The State Police are in charge of this area, they told the 22News I-Team they don’t keep statistics on where tickets are given, but  “Troopers will routinely set up static patrols in the area and cite violators for both of the infractions you mentioned.  The violations you inquired about have been identified as problematic and so the troopers assigned to that area do devote time to enforcing the traffic laws that apply.”

“People just don’t have time today, everybody’s in a rush”, says Hopper.

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