Best snow day ever at Berkshire East

CHARLEMONT, Mass. (WWLP)- Some people used Wednesday to relax and stay indoors, but some people used the “snow day”  as an excuse to get out and hit the slopes.

It was a “Powder day” at Berkshire east. There’s nothing like a good snowfall to attract skiers to the slopes. The ski area was having a great snow day. The heavy snow made for some excellent conditions at the ski area. And skiers came to the mountain to take advantage of the fresh snow.

General Manager Jon Schaefer told 22News that weather like today is excellent for skiing. “It’s a ton of fun to ski  in fresh powder. We’re not the Rocky Mountains so when we get it people get out there and take full advantage of it.”

That’s exactly what skiers did. Even young children were excited about the falling snow. A group of children  told 22News that being on the mountain today was a lot of fun despite falling down and having trouble cutting through the thickly packed snow. Abby Sinistore said, “It’s fun. It was a little wobley, but it was fun.” Sinistore’s friend, Jaxon Palmer, agreed, “It’s a lot of fun. It’s some bumps. I fell down a few times but it’s still fun to go skiing.”

One word to describe skiing in the fresh snow: awesome. Berkshire East ski school instructor Luke Toritto told 22News exactly that. “It’s awesome you know as skiiers this is like the days that we get excited for and I’m having a blast. Yeah it’s just really good to ski some powder. ”

Child skier, Rosco Palmer, cosigned with the claims that the slopes today were awesome. He said, “Awesome. Really, really fun. 1st trail that I went on was really bumpy. I fell down like a few times and it was just amazingly awesomely awesome.”

Berkshire East opened 100 percent of the mountain because of the steady snow. The ski area says today’s natural  snow on top of their man made snow will make for some great February conditions.

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