A different kind of snowstorm for WMass

HUNTINGTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Unlike most of the snow storms we’ve had this winter, the snow was a little different Wednesday.

22News travelled to Huntington in western Hampshire County, where by late in the morning, snow had already passed the half foot mark.

It didn’t stay fluffy all day, in fact, the heavy wet snow concerned some of the residents there.

“We have to shovel for the dog in the morning so that he can get out, and it was light and fluffy at first and then it started to get a little heavier, so by this afternoon, it’ll probably be really heavy by the time we get home,” Deborah Doherty of Huntington said.

“When I started this morning, got up at six to let the dogs out, it was a little bit fluffier, and now it seems like it’s changing over a little bit to a wetter snow,” Harry Kellogg of Huntington said.

Wet or dry, the Berkshires and the hills west of the Pioneer Valley could be measuring more than a foot of snow by the end of the day.

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