Wetter, more dense snow expected

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s been a snowy start to February for western Massachusetts and this upcoming winter storm looks to have snow of the slightly wet and heavy variety.

The difference between wet and dry snow is that wet snow doesn’t accumulate quite as much as the dry stuff.

That means that an inch of rain would be equivalent to about 10 inches of wet snow, or 15 to 20 inches of dry, fluffy snow.

You can tell it’s the wetter snow because it sticks to the trees, you can ball it up into snowballs or make snowmen, however it is more difficult to clean up.

Wetter snow is heavier, is a bit more difficult to snow blow and can cause injury if you try to move too much, too quickly.

“I try to be careful just for that reason, so I don’t hurt my back. I do the light stuff, I don’t do the heavy. The heavy stuff goes with the snow blower, my husband does that,” said Jane Scahill from Springfield.

At Holyoke Medical Center, when the snow is heavier Dr. Garry Bombardier sees an increase in back and joint injuries, but also heart problems too.

“Snow, heavy snow does it. It’s like the definition of what you can do if you were looking to have someone have a heart attack, have them do that kind of work in the winter. Tough,” said Dr. Bombardier.

Taking your time, working slow, using proper technique and knowing your limits can prevent injuries or heart trouble.

Dr. Bombardier also recommends using a smaller shovel, so you won’t be tempted to lift as much.

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