More accident avoidance technology coming soon

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that they may require new technology in cars to make the roads safer.

It’s called “vehicle-to-vehicle” technology, and the NHTSA says it’s different than the safety sensors offered on many high-end cars right now.

The new technology would have cars communicating with each other to alert the driver of potential crash situation.

But one Springfield resident says she’s not sure that she would like the car, rather than the driver, to be in control.

“That sounds kind of spooky, to have the car have control over yourself.  I think we should have control of our own selves, what we’re doing and we know if we’re going to hit something or not, not technology,” Crystal Gonzalez said.

The proposal to require the technology is still years away from being a regulation, but the NHTSA says it could prevent up to 80% of non-drinking-related car accidents.

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