Lobster population dwindling due to weather

Lobster prices won't go up in a few weeks

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – With snow on the way, you might already be thinking about warmer weather, and the beach. The 22News Storm Team has some tough news for lobster lovers.

Warmer waters in southern New England are pushing lobster away. Lobsters like colder temperatures, but with last year’s warm summer, lobster fisherman in southern New England are finding they have to head further out to get the catch.

Long Island Sound lobster numbers had been suffering due to overfishing, but coastal Massachusetts lobsters are dwindling due to warmer waters.

This has forced fisherman to head further off shore, using more fuel and making less frequent trips; a problem that affects the livelihoods of lobster fisherman.

According to Michael Fitzpatrick of Schermerhorns Seafood in Holyoke, “What’s going to happen is if it’s not worth while these guys aren’t going to go out. If they’re not making money and it’s costing them to go out they’re going to stop and sell their boats.”

However, it’s unlikely to affect price because there’s been plenty of Maine lobster, and with plenty of supply, the cost won’t come down.

After such a cold winter, Fitzpatrick hopes the waters will cool again come spring, bringing the lobster back, but lobster prices won’t go up in a few weeks as fall storms prevented a lot of lobster fishing, which has reduced the supply, temporarily.