Valentine’s Day flowers more expensive?

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Love is priceless, but Valentine’s Day gifts, like flowers, can get expensive. 22News found out if florists hike the prices for the holiday.

While you’re thinking about love on Valentine’s Day, florists and other businesses are thinking big money.

This is the biggest sales day of the year for Durocher Florist in West Springfield. They’re already taking orders and cleared a large refrigeration unit to fit dozens of floral arrangements.

Owner Peter Soule said they do have to increase the price of roses by 30 percent for the holiday.

“Well, roses are a commodity. They’re affected by supply and demand. To create a long-stem rose, you have to trim off all the little side roses all the way up the stem which reduces the volume of roses for the rose growers so it does increase the price a little bit,” said Soule.

Red roses are the best seller, but white and pink roses are also common. He said most other floral arrangements are the same price they are at other times of the year.

Peter said the biggest concern for florists around here is the weather. A snow storm can delay their deliveries, and Valentine gifts aren’t quite the same if they arrive on the 15th.

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