Major hotel management company announces breach

Local hotel says they take extra measures to keep information secure

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Another possible breach of security is putting your information at risk.  The targets this time, thousands of hotel customers.  Hackers attacked a company known as “White Lodging,” they manage 168 hotels nationwide.

They announced that the breach possibly went on for nine months.  “It’s pretty obvious to me that we cannot control this. The military has been hacked into, the Pentagon has been hacked into,” said Steven Retchin of Leeds.

It’s becoming an all too familiar story, hackers breaking into major systems.  In the last two months, several major retailers have announced massive breaches.

This week, White Lodging, a management company that oversees operations at more than 150 hotels nationwide, including the Sheraton and Marriot, also announced a possible breach.  The impacted cities include Chicago, Austin and Tampa.

Consumers say these breaches are changing how they spend.  “I don’t have a card.  I have a safe, it has a $40 one time fee and no overdrafts,” said Clinton Racine of Granby, who told 22News he uses cash for everything.

At Hotel Northampton statements don’t detail payment information.  And once a payment is processed the information is encrypted.  Hotel Northampton Owner Mansour Ghalibaf told

22News he spends extra to keep the hotel’s information secure.

“The company that we hire, in this case, Security Metrics, they come in, not to our hotel.  But they try to compromise our network.  If there is any vulnerability, then we have to correct that,” said Ghalibaf inside his King Street hotel.

Ghalibaf plans to open a new Marriot on Conz Street this August.  He told 22News Security Metrics will also maintain the security system there.