Holyoke parents are against a mandatory “data wall”

"Data Walls" are publically displayed test scores

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Holyoke parents went to Monday night’s school committee meeting at Dean Technical High School to protest mandatory “data walls.”

“Data Walls” are publically displayed test scores, results or reading levels. Parents say such a practice hurts a young student’s self-esteem, and is illegal.

Paula Burke, a mother of a Holyoke 3rd grader, told 22News, “Parents are largely unaware that their children’s names and personal academic information are being shared with the public without their consent. Data should be used to drive instruction. Not to publicly humiliate children.”

Burke said that having teachers post student achievements of lack of achievement on the wall violates the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which prohibits the discussion of a student’s private information.

You can find the Holyoke Public School’s policy on the disclosure of student’s work in the Student Handbook here.