Gun safety recommendation impact on gun owners and schools

44 recommendations were made by the Committee to Reduce Firearm Violence

BOSTON (WWLP) – A gun safety panel has released a list of recommendations to improve public safety in the Commonwealth. 22News explains how it could impact gun owners and schools.

Last year, shortly after the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings, a gun violence task force was created to make recommendations on what gun safety improvements could be made in Massachusetts and this is what they found.

Uniform gun training programs, suitability standards for gun ownership and school safety plans are some of the 44 recommendations made by the Committee to Reduce Firearm Violence, a panel of 8 experts appointed by House Speaker Robert DeLeo to advise him before the Mass. House takes up gun safety legislation.

According to House Speaker DeLeo, “The report as asked for is extremely thorough, will give us a lot to mull over as we file legislation.”

The report found that Mass. has some of the strongest gun safety laws in the country, with some of the lowest rates of household gun ownership and gun-related deaths. Still there’s room for improvement, the Committee said.

Rep. George Peterson, (R) Grafton, told 22News, “We’ve got to tread very lightly when we go to start crafting new laws, but on the whole this is a good report and a lot of good recommendations.”

Representative Peterson, a gun owner, is pleased the committee recommended changing the law to validate gun licenses even after they expire if a renewal application has been submitted and is pending. No further restrictions were placed on fire arm magazine rounds that are currently limited to ten rounds.

Gov. Deval Patrick said, “We filed that idea because we believed in it.”

The committee also rejected Governor Patrick’s bill to limit gun purchases to one gun per month.

The committee recommended Mass. comply in a limited way to share information on substance abusers and people committed to mental institutions to a national background check system.