“The Invisible Woman”

3 stars
Rated R
1 hour 50 minutes

Ralph Fiennes, Felicity Jones, Kristin Scott-Thomas

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) -First of all, “The Invisible Woman” is not a supernatural fantasy. This Invisible woman is the masterpiece theater style romantic epic about Charles Dickens secret love affair with a woman half his age.

Dickens defended his Infidelity to relieve the pain of being locked into a loveless marriage.

Ralph Fiennes reaches new heights as an actor and director. Felicity Jones is the latest of England’s seemingly Inexhaustible supply of gifted actresses headed for stardom.

Dickens in so in love, he’ll trust her judgment with the ending to “Great Expectations”.

This beautiful, deeply touching production is told through flashback years later through her eyes.

She recalls the love of her life, a love Intentionally kept secret from the outside world.

Look, If you’ve been craving a sensitive love story to wrap your emotions around, you’ll find “The Invisible Woman” a deeply satisfying experience, that comes out into the open with three stars.

“The Invisible Woman” is what’s known as a really classy film. It proves they can still make them Intelligently the way they used to.

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