Mild start to February has people thinking “spring”

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A new month brought a new feeling for people out enjoying the sunshine in western Massachusetts on Saturday.

The feeling was for relief, the cold month of January is behind us and February started off much warmer than normal.

“I’m out here, trying to stay active, enjoy the day. There’s no sense in staying in the house. Ready for the spring, appreciating the weather today…It’s just nice to be out of the house and not see so much snow and it’s not really too warm outside, but it’s a taste of what’s to come soon,” said Karlos Rayes from Springfield.

This warm-up came after a mostly unpleasantly frigid month.

While we did have our occasional warm-ups in January, this one’s different. First of all, it’s going to be warmer than most of our January warm-ups were, it’s going to last longer and it won’t be followed by a big arctic temperature drop right away.

With temperatures into the 40s, increasing daylight and gradually strengthening sunrays, people are thinking more about spring.

“I find myself getting spring fever earlier and earlier every year and it’s February 1st, but you come out on a day like today and it’s just great to be outside and it’s so sunny and it’s beautiful,” said John Mcdonald from Longmeadow.

As we await the decision of the weather forecasting amateur known as the groundhog, Lou Sorrentino has a spotted turtle named “Lucky” who gives him a personal prediction.

“He’s already told me that spring will indeed come early so thank you lucky for your good fortune,” said Sorrentino from East Windsor, Connecticut.

Shadow or no shadow on Groundhog day, we will have a little over half of winter left officially on the calendar.

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