Prosecutors to seek death penalty; Some say it’s no surprise

The Justice Department says it will seek the death penalty of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev if he is convicted of the April Boston Marathon bombings.

This final decision to seek the death penalty was made by Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday evening.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is being accused of killing 3 people and wounding more than 260 others with homemade bombs at the Boston Marathon finish line last year.

17 of the 30 charges against Tsarnaev could lead to the death penalty, including using a weapon of mass destruction to kill.

One man in Western Mass told 22News the Attorney General’s decision seems fitting.

“No, I’m not surprised. Given all that happened, all the lives that were lost, those who were wounded and forever changed by such a tragic and horrific event, I’m not surprised,” Troy Ladue said.

In a statement following the decision, Governor Deval Patrick said, “One way or another, based on the evidence, Tsarnaev will die in prison.  In each milestone of this case — today’s announcement, the trial and every other significant step in the justice process — the people hurt by the Marathon bombings and the rest of us so shocked by it will relive that tragedy. The best we can do is remind each other that we are a stronger Commonwealth than ever, and that nothing can break that spirit.”

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