Mother arrested for leaving kids in freezing car

CHARLES COUNTY, MD (CNN) – A Maryland mother faces child neglect charges for allegedly leaving her three and six-year-old daughters in the car in freezing weather.

Police say 28-year-old Regina Coleman lied to them about how long she was in a mall while her children waited in the car.

Charles county police say it was 16 degrees outside and a mall customer heard the sounds of children crying coming from a Cadillac SUV parked in the lot outside a department store. She called police and when they arrived they found two little girls age six and three alone inside shivering.

The officers say they put the girls in their cruiser and one of them went in the mall to look for their parent. Mall security made an announcement on a loud speaker and police say the girl’s mother 28 year old Regina Coleman came to the car.

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She reportedly told the officers she had lost her wallet and went to look for it and had only been inside ten minutes. But police say they later found out she had been inside the department store for 90 minutes having her make-up done.

This is the third case this winter of parents leaving children in their cars in subfreezing temperatures.

The first happened mother left her child for several hours just before new years as she gambled at Maryland Live Casino at Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover Maryland.

Just a couple weeks later another grandfather allegedly left his grandson in a car while he went to shop.

Coleman’s children are in the custody of relatives while she deals with the charges against her.

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