Melting ice could bring flood risk

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) - The cold temperatures recently have caused quite a bit of ice to form and a lot of that ice will be melting this weekend when the warmer weather comes.

There is ice from small streams up to the Connecticut River, and when it melts, chunks of it can start moving down river; causing ice jams to form.

An ice jam is basically a dam on the river that causes the water to back up, and can lead to rapid flooding.

“I was more worried when we had the snow banks,” John Holland of Springfield said. “We had street flooding before, and that’s a problem.”

If we were to get a lot of rain and temperatures really warmed up like they did a few weeks ago, the flooding threat would be much higher.

Right now, there are no flood watches in effect, but we’ll have to see if that changes as we head into the weekend.

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