Judge faces complaint after Facebook faux-pas

After Facebook request denied, woman claims she was retaliated against

(WESH) – A Florida judge is facing a formal complaint and a woman has been granted a new divorce trial after the judge tried to contact her on Facebook.

Sandra Chace and Robert Loitel Jr. were in the middle of a divorce trial when the judge presiding over the case, Judge Linda Schoonover, sent Chace a Facebook “friend” request.

Chace denied the request but said she was then retaliated against. She said the judge offered excessive alimony to her ex-husband.

“It’s inappropriate. If judges have any sort of relationship with anyone involved, it has to be disclosed,” says legal analyst Alisia Adamson.

Chace recently won an appeals court ruling which said Schoonover put her between the “proverbial rock and a hard place: either engage in improper communications with the judge or risk offending the judge.”

Read more: http://bit.ly/LwWDxy

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