Greenfield encourages residents to compost organic waste

soil made at martin's farm compost with recycled food

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- Greenfield is proposing another way to go green. Right now Franklin county residents can dispose of their garbage at Martin’s Farm compost. But Greenfield is creating another opportunity for people to get rid of their organic waste in their own backyards.

The city is encouraging residents to recycle everything including the food left on their dinner plates.  Martin’s Farm compost Owner Adam Martin told 22News one benefit of composting. “Massachusetts landfills will be at capacity in approximately 12 years. that means we’re not going to be able to dump in our state anymore so that means trash is going to be more expensive because we’ll have to haul it out of state.”

Greenfield is now working on a way for residents to make soil like this in their own backyard. The Department of Public Works recently applied for a grant and expects Greenfield to begin selling compost containers in the next few weeks. The process involves more than just leaving your food waste in a bucket, and it takes some time before the compost is ready.

But despite the extra effort, some residents like the idea. Erving resident Jackie Kidd told 22News the idea of background composting is good. “Because it’s better for our gardens, we can do it ourselves, we don’t have to put things in our landfills that can go perfectly in our backyard.”

The home-use buckets can’t compost meat and bones. But other food waste including eggshells and tea bags are fair game for the composting process.

Martin’s Farm Compost will compost your food, leaves, wood and even brush. Visit their website for more details on their services, tips for composting, and information concerning the compost process. To stay update with the Greenfield “green” proposal visit the town of Greenfield’s website.

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