You can start thinking about spring planting!

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - If the cold wintry weather has you down and you want to start thinking ahead to warmer temperatures, there are things you can start doing now so your plants will be ready to go in the garden once the spring comes.

Now is a good time to start buying seeds and other materials to get those plants started inside so you can put them out in the garden this spring.

You can start by getting some seed starter soil.

“When you start seeds, a good thing to have is bottom heat to keep the soil warm so it germinates, and then it’s good to have a clear dome on top of your tray because that keeps it nice and moist,” Nalini Benoit of Sixteen Acres Garden Center in Springfield said.

Right now is a good time to start peppers, because they need more time to mature.

Sixteen Acres Garden Center will be holding free “Think Spring Saturday Seminars” starting February 8. For more information you can visit

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