Springfield Police are cracking down on drivers speeding

Drivers pay little attention to posted speed limits

Photo Courtesy: Thinkstock

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Speeding drivers will soon start collecting expensive traffic tickets for going too fast on Sumner Avenue in Springfield.

A speed signboard set-up by the Springfield Police Department has been gathering data on drivers that ignore the 35 mile per hour limit on the busy roadway; data that Sgt. Stephen Wyszynski told 22News will be vital in the ticketing campaign to follow the warnings.

Many of the drivers pay little attention to the posted speed limit, something that Sumner Avenue auto mechanic Eddie Hempel says doesn’t surprise him.

“Oh they don’t pay any attention to it (the signboard). They don’t pay any attention to the speed limit signs, why should they pay attention to that?” he said.

“Everybody’s in too much of a hurry, I don’t know where they’re going why they have to get there so fast. It’s crazy, It’s insane.”

Kevin Sparks owns a business along Sumner Avenue, and told 22News that he agrees something has got to be done on this two mile long straight-away strip of traffic.

“Absolutely, I think just for the people’s safety, people crossing roads, I see everyday people speeding, It’s definitely an issue that needs to be addressed,” Sparks said.