RMV fees may soon go up

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – It may soon cost you more to renew your driver’s license or register your car. State officials are looking to increase the fees you pay at the Registry of Motor Vehicles by 10%.

Currently, the RMV brings-in about $550 million each year to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, but MassDOT reports a $53 million gap in their budget. State officials are saying that raising the fees 10%  will close that gap.

One driver however, told 22News that she is  frustrated that closing the gap means more money out of her pocket.

“It’s probably likely that they could pinch their pennies a little bit better and leave our money in our pockets so that we could buy food for our children and gasoline to get to work,” Jana Chicoine of Russell said.

The proposed 10% increase would mean it would cost you $55  to renew your license;  five dollars more than it currently costs.

For a detailed list of the RMV’s current fees, you can visit the Registry online at massrmv.com.

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