Keeping your pets safe during the winter

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - Just like people, pets need to be properly prepared to deal with winter weather.

At the Boston Road Animal Hospital in Springfield they’ve been treating some animals that have suffered exposure during the recent cold weather we’ve been having.

The cold can be as dangerous to your pet as it can be to you or your children.

“Well I always make sure he has a jacket and I wipe his feet when he goes in,” said Germaine Giroux of Springfield.

“I keep them in the house number one and when they do go outside they’re on a leash with their coats and everything is plowed because they’re small of course,” said Richard Correira of Somers, Connecticut. 

Dr Andrew Rosenfeld says if you notice exposed areas on your pet that are painful to the touch like the tip of the tail or tip of the ear you should have them checked.

And salt can also pose a danger to your pet.

“Road salts that can make them very sick, irritating causing ulcerations in the mouth, vomiting, depression so I think there is a wide variety of issues that we can face kind of across the boards,” said Dr. Andrew Rosenfeld of the VCA Boston Road Animal Hospital. 

If you see an animal that may be suffering from exposure you should call your local police department or animal control officer instead of approaching the animal yourself.

Antifreeze is very dangerous for animals just ingesting a small amount can make them very sick and could cause death. Here are some more tips on keeping your pet safe during the winter.

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