How will Morgan School changes affect families?

“Project Grad” is taking control of the Level 5 school

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – An out-of-state agency will take over Holyoke’s Morgan School this summer, in an effort to get the school back on track meeting state academic standards. 22News breaks down what the changes will mean for Morgan School families.

Holyoke parents dropped their Morgan School students off Thursday morning for the first time since learning about some major changes coming this summer.

A Houston-based non-profit called “Project Grad” is taking control of the Level 5 school, labeled “chronically underperforming.”

According to Mitchell Chester, “These are schools that can and should be doing better in putting their students on the pathway to high school graduation and success afterward.”

“Project Grad” has worked with more than 170 elementary and middle schools across the country and for the past year they’ve worked with Dean Technical High School.

Oswald Perez, a Morgan School parent, told 22News he doesn’t mind if they’re based in Texas as long as they help the Morgan School succeed.

“As long as they get the job done I think they’ll be all set you know. I don’t think there will be any problems. It doesn’t really concern me. They come home happy. They tell me about what they do in school, the teachers, how nice they are. The things they make in school, arts and crafts,” said Perez.

School reforms will include new reading and math lessons, development training for teachers, classroom management standards, and efforts to increase parent and community engagement.

One change the students could notice on the first day back in the fall, some new faces in the hallways. Morgan teachers will have to reapply for their positions under this new leadership.