Pothole patching product put to work

MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) - At first glance, it's a familiar pattern: pouring attach material over a pothole and hoping it holds until the more permanent hot patch becomes available in March, but it’s a little different in some towns.

In Monson, they use a product called Perma-Patch. It costs a lot, says the town’s highway department surveyor John Morrell, but Morrel claims its well worth the extra expense.

“It’s got pressurized plastic and special aggregates. They put in it, that makes it easy to work with. It rolls down right away, like I say, you can put traffic on it Immediately,” Morrell said.

The best part, according to Morrell’s team of highway department workers, is that they don’t have to go back and repair the same pothole twice, as is often the case with the so called “cold patch.”

“It’s a lot more efficient when you don’t have to keep going back with the amount of holes that pop up during the winter,” Monson Highway Department worker Michael Jacobs said. “It’s time consuming going back and re-patching the same ones.”

This may explain why after patching hundreds of potholes this winter, Monson highway workers say they have caught up with their backlog. The Eastern Hampden county town has been using the Perma-Patch product for past three years.

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