Farm Bill moves forward

Farm Bill ends direct subsidies to farmers

WASHINGTON (NBC News) – A new Farm Bill is one step closer to becoming law after years in political limbo. The House easily passed the bill Wednesday and sent it to the Senate.

Dairy farmer Chuck Fry is celebrating the recent progress on the bill. He’s been running his Maryland farm without any certainty he’ll have the disaster protection he needs.

“If we have a drought and we need to have a profit protection in place the insurance picks up that portion that’s big for us it keeps us going another year,” Fry says.

The House passed Farm Bill ends direct subsidies to farmers, opting instead for a loss-based insurance program.It doesn’t include government imposed production limits for milk producers, but it does maintain strict labeling about the origin of beef.

It also closes a loophole allowing some people to artificially qualify for food assistance, but protects millions of Americans from losing their food stamps through cuts originally suggested in The House.

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